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Office Style for the Working Girl

Updated: May 28, 2020

Getting dressed and ready to conquer your day is how each of us express ourselves. Many offices now have a casual dress code, but I'll stick to the classics!

Here are my go-to office looks that are classic and will never go out of style!

The Midi Dress:

Dress: Tara Jarmon dress from Rent The Runway

Pair a solid color dress with printed heels will make you stand out!

Bold Colors:

Dress: Black Halo, Felicia Dress from Rent the Runway

Dupe: Macys

When wearing a bold color dress to the office, choose shoes that are more subdued in color.

Classic Black Dress:

Dress: Chiara Boni La Petite from Rent the Runway and Chiara Boni

Dupe: Macys

Wear any color shoes/heels you desire!

Two Tone Dresses:

Dress: Badgley Mischka from Rent the Runway

Dress: Slate and Willow from Rent the Runway

Dupe: Macys

Pants with flare:

Top: Banana Republic

Pants: Ramy Brook Iris Pants

Dupe: Zara

Pair your bold pants with a simple blouse and pumps!

Classic Pencil Skirt and Blouse:

I hope you enjoyed my classic office looks. Let your personality shine and wear what makes you happy!✨

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1 Comment

Lan Vu
Lan Vu
Jul 13, 2020

Everyday begins with a new look. You looks very professional on the office dress. ♥️

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