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Chic, Timeless, Comfortable Heels

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Yes, you read that right – comfortable heels! We rarely see comfort and heels in the same sentence, but strive to find the perfect, beautiful heels that will not damage and hurt our feet.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to try two pairs of Ally Shoes and let me tell you – they are SO comfortable! They offer three different looks; classic pump, ankle strap and Mary Jane pumps. They come in a beautiful array of colors in leather and suede as well as, festive shimmers, animal print and a bridal collection.

So, why Ally Shoes?

Not only are the heels comfortable, they also have a timeless beautiful look. The founder, Samantha Dong and designer, Sara Jaramillo worked with a podiatric surgeon, Dr. Roxann Clarke to make pain free heels. And they accomplished just that!

I wore a beautiful pair of Ally Shoes for 8+ hours to make sure I was giving an accurate review, and my feet felt wonderful during and after. And this is after I recently sprained my foot and was unable to wear any other heels for too long. The heels I received were the black leather pumps and silver shimmer leather pair of Mary Jane’s. I enjoyed wearing both pairs, but the Mary Jane’s just added a little something extra with the shimmer and cute strap. I prefer straps on my heels for security, my feet are narrow so they tend to slip out of heels, but did not have this problem with the black leather pumps. Personally, I love wearing heels almost every day, but comfort is key. Ally Shoes exceeded my expectations with comfort and their timeless look that will never go out of style. The inside of the shoe/insole is “squishy” for lack of a better word and feels wonderful on your feet. The heels are a great value for their timeless look, comfort and quality.

You can receive your free trial by going to and purchasing them or send them back, I’m sure you will want to keep them! The fit finder will assist you in getting the perfect size for your feet.

Use code AC40HEELS for $40 off a fabulous pair of Ally heels!

Happy shopping ladies!

The thoughts and opinions are my own. I will receive a small commission if/when you buy through my affiliate link. This will not cost you anything extra.

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3 comentários

Lan Vu
Lan Vu
14 de ago. de 2020

Gorgeous high heels! I like them ♥️

It is so great to learn good brands, I think all women will need it for sometimes. Thank you so much 😊


Beautiful shoes! So nice to learn new brands that are stylish and comfortable.

I like the variety of classic and dressy!


18 de jul. de 2020

Gorgeous shoes!!!

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