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Kentucky Derby Fashion 🌹

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Going to the Kentucky Derby has been a tradition for the past 146 years. Derby fashion is in a category to itself where woman wear hats in all sizes, beautiful dresses and men wear bow-ties and dress dapper. Whether you sit in millionaires’ row or in the grand stands you will have a wonderful time, dressing up, betting on the horses, exploring Churchill downs and drinking mint juleps or lily oaks cocktails.

This year, we still have time to pick out the perfect Derby outfit! When picking your Kentucky Derby outfit, you need to pick your hat or dress first then build your outfit from there. So, grab your mint julep and lets get started to bring out our inner Southern Belle!

Fascinators and Hats:

Fascinators and hats at the Kentucky Derby are a must. There are so many great options to choose from. Pick a hat to match your personality and be as creative as you like. My go-to places to shop for Derby hats are Amazon, Etsy, and JJ House.

Derby Dresses:

Compliment your hat with a beautiful Spring dress, seersucker, bold colors or pastels. My favorite places to get my derby dress from are RentTheRunway, Revolve and Vineyard Vines.


Once you build your outfit remember you do not need too much jewelry since your hat completes your outfit. If you are planning to wear heels, Solemates will help protect your heels and walking in grass and uneven ground. Bring a pair of flats or sandals if you are not use to standing in heels all day long.

Off to the races Southern Belles!

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Andrea Chowallur
Andrea Chowallur
Jul 13, 2020

Thank you Lan! 🤍


Lan Vu
Lan Vu
Jul 13, 2020

Wearing a hat which is matched with dress looks really gorgeous. I also like this style 🥰

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