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Top 5 Things to Do in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is one of the oldest settlements in the USA. Portsmouth is quaint, beautiful and historic!

Here are my top 5 things to do in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

1. Explore Strawberry Banke

Strawberry Banke is a beautiful outdoor museum located in historic downtown. Book a tour online or in person to walk around the 10 acres and 32 buildings. You will learn so much about America’s 300-year-old history.

2. Walk around Prescott Park

Prescott Park is located across from Strawberry Bank and along the water. The flowers are gorgeous especially in the Spring with the tulips blooming. There are gardeners nearby if you have any questions about the park and/or flowers.

3. Walk around downtown Portsmouth and Market Square.

Exploring Portsmouth’s downtown and Market Square was my favorite part of our trip! If you get lost, just look for the steeple on the historic North Point Church. There are many cute shops and delicious restaurants to check out. A few of my favorite restaurants are Cava, La Maison Navarre and Friendly Toast.

4. Take a Gundalow boat tour and learn about the history of Portsmouth. Book a tour online and learn about the forts, lighthouses and naval shipyard while sailing at sea!

5. Relax at Hampton Beach

A beach day is always a must when you’re by the water on vacation! Hampton Beach is pretty rocky, but beautiful. We stopped in North Hampton to get breakfast at the Airfield Café before heading to the beach. It’s a cute restaurant next to a small airfield. While eating we watched planes takeoff! ✈ Don’t forget to bring snacks to the beach. There are not too many restaurants nearby.

Thanks for stopping by! 💗

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